Mooresville Motorplex

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The mission of the Mooresville GoPro Motorplex is to provide racing enthusiasts a turn-key karting experience centered around an advanced, world-class race track.  There is a diverse schedule for different levels of karters, arrive & drive events, races, and group events.  The idea for the motorplex was born in 2009 and was brought to life in 2011.  Since then, race lovers have been able to have a hands on driving experience that is affordable and easy!

The Track

The track at the Mooresville GoPro Motorplex is based on the famous Kartdromo Parma in Italy.  The Kartdromo Parma is considered one of the finest, but most challenging karting circuits in the world and was the starting place for many renowned drivers.  The GoPro track was created to mimic the original Parma, with the newest world championship karting specifications.  It features a proprietary motorsports-specific asphalt design, CIK curbing and runoff zones, and a wide, accommodating paddock and pit area capable of holding the largest events in North America.


Rentals are available seven days a week.  On Monday, they are available from 12pm-8pm, Tuesday-Saturday from 9am-8pm, and Sunday from 12pm-6pm.  All rental kart drivers under the age of 18 must have parent or guardian fill out a permission form and have it notarized.

*Adult Kart Pricing

$25 for 1 race, $45 for 2 races, $65 for 3 races, $200 for the 10-race package.  *Each race is 10 minutes long

*Junior Kart Pricing

$20 for 1 race, $35 for 2 races, $50 for 3 races.  *Each race is also 10 minutes long

Junior Kart Hours: Monday 12pm-5pm, Tuesday-Friday 9am-5pm


-The brand new Sodikart RT8 390cc kart is one of the first in the world and features cutting edge technology and is capable of speeds over 55mph.

-GoPro Motorplex has their own racing series each year which allows racing enthusiasts the most affordable and exciting race program in the region.

-Memberships are available for drivers with their own karts wanting to practice on the course each day the track is open to the public! ($1,200/year)

-There is a race series available for those that are serious about racing.  The challenges are 8 weekends of each year.  *Check the website for full schedule and guidelines


1.  Give it a Shot!  If you are a racing fan wanting to get your feet a little wet on the track, then visit the Motorplex.

2.  Give a Race as a Gift!  If you know of someone who would enjoy a trip to the motorplex, this would make an awesome gift!  It’s definitely an experience they will enjoy and never forget.

3.  Participate in the Race Series.  Whether you are a driver, or a fan, these are great events to be a part of!



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