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Whether you are interested in a small, medium, or large size wedding ceremony, The Quarry at Carrigan Farms is a wonderful location!  Because of the beautiful landscape, many describe the Farm as a piece of “Heaven on Earth”.  It has the perfect blend of mountain and beach vistas, blue water, and towering granite walls as the wedding backdrop.  There is also a large covered pavilion that is perfect for the reception.

Flash Wedding

Flash weddings are spontaneous wedding ceremonies that are only booked a few days in advance.  Carrigan Farms takes care of everything, minister, music, flowers, food, cake, etc.  The months of February, March and November occasionally have unusual warm, sunny days that are typically chosen for a flash wedding.  During the peak season, April-October, flash weddings are during the week, mainly Monday-Thursday.  They can either be during the day (10am-3pm), or evening (5pm-11pm).  The flash weddings are a great alternative to a courthouse or chapel wedding.  They still feel personal and special, while not taking months to plan!

Other Events

Carrigan Farm is not only a special place to have a wedding, it also makes for a great spot for other celebrations!  The following are just some of the most popular events held here; company picnics, swim parties, graduation parties, church picnics, birthday parties, and even Christmas parties!  If the event is during a colder season, like Christmas, The Farmhouse Cellar can be rented.  The Cellar has rich walnut woods and handmade brick floors and makes for a great, festive space!

The Farm

There is actually a real working farm that specializes in growing only the finest fruits and vegetables.  Depending on the time of year you can find everything from strawberries to asparagus, lettuce, apples, and even pumpkins!  Nearly all of the produce is sold on the farm and a lot is used in catered events.  Carrigan prides itself on being able to provide the best and freshest produce to their guests.


1.  Tour the Farm & Quarry!  If you are interested in hosting a wedding or other special event, the Quarry at Carrigan is a breathtaking location.

2.  Buy some Produce!  Everything grown on the farm is extremely fresh and has had such care shown to it.  Stop by the farm and see what’s available when you are in town!

3.  Have a Flash Wedding.  Whether you are looking for a quick and easy way to have a wedding ceremony, or you know someone who is looking to do so, the flash weddings at the Quarry are a great option.

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