Rural Hill Scottish Festival & Loch Norman Highland Games

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Modern Scottish Festivals began in the middle ages.  Athletic competition, “Games”, were a normal occurrence when people gathered together at fairs, military musters, and even funerals.  Scottish games how we know them today began in 1781 when the Highland Society of Falkirk sponsored prize money and trophies for competitions in dancing, piping, and athletics during the town’s fall fair.  As Scot’s immigrated, they took their sport and culture with them.  The games in the United States have grown because many people of Scottish descent still feel the pull of their ancestral homeland and heritage.


The events during the festival include, but are not limited to; heavy athletics, highland dancing, pipe bands, historical encampment, ultra 5K trail race, kilted races, battle axe, long bow, children’s activities, and live music.  For a full schedule and list of events for the next games, be sure to check the website!


Tickets for the festival are available online and at the event.  The next Scottish Festival and Highland Games will be held on April 12-13, 2014.  Each year brings new live music and entertainment to the festival.  Every Highland Games Festival offers something different than the previous year, so each time you visit it will be a new experience!


No dogs or other animals, except service animals

Folding chairs and camp chairs are allowed, just no large umbrellas or tents

Rain or shine, the events will happen


There will be a variety of food and drink vendors for visitors to choose from.  In addition to food we are accustom to, there will be vendors serving traditional Scottish food.  This will allow visitors to try some of the authentic flavors of Scotland and take part in another aspect of the heritage.


1.  Get the Family Together and Go!  This is such a family friendly event and will be fun for visitors of all ages.

2.  Try some Authentic Food.  With the Scottish food vendors being present at the festival you will want to try some of the traditional flavor.

3.  Participate!  Feel free to dress up and make the day that much more memorable.

4.  Watch the Games.  There will be athletic competitions of all kinds and you will not want to miss the excitement!

Rural Hill Sheepdog Trials & Dog Festival

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Rural Hill just celebrated their 19th annual Sheepdog Trials and Dog Festival on November 9 & 10.  Each year features The United States Border Collie Handler’s Association, Carolina Dock Dogs, The Greater Charlotte Shetland Sheepdog Club, and more!  The sheepdog trials involve three things; the handler, a dog(border collies at this trial), and a group of sheep.  The handler must use his dog to herd the sheep through various gates and into a pen by only using his voice and whistling to communicate.

Other Activities

The festival does not only feature sheepdog trials, but also vendors and activities for attendees to participate in.  The Carolina Dock Dogs, dog sports demonstrations, kid’s activities, historic demonstrations, tractor exhibits, pumpkin chunkin, and hay rides all play a huge part in making the festival such a great hit!  Visitors are also allowed to bring their four-legged friends with them to the festival.  If you are interested in learning herding techniques, there will be experts available to offer advice!


Admission for kids(0-4) is free, ages 5-12 is $7, and adults 13+ is $10.  The gates open at 8am and close at 5pm.  Tickets are available online at and can also be purchased the day of event.


Whether you are looking for an actual meal or simply a snack, you can find it here!  With everything from grilled hotdogs, to sausages, and burgers, they have delicious grilled meats.  Some of the snack foods available are fresh made funnel cakes, kettle corn, and french fries.  In addition, there are homemade baked goods available in a bake sale tent.  Highland Brewing will have a vendor selling their North Carolina brewed craft beers and Shelton Vineyards will also be present with a variety of their local wine.  Be sure to bring your valid 21+ ID if you plan to partake in any alcoholic beverages!


There are a variety of merchandise vendors and other businesses that are present at the festival each year.  Be sure to check out the local vendors and purchase something.  There will be merchandise for both dogs and dog-lovers!


1.  Get a Group and Go!  The Sheepdog Trials and the rest of the festival will be a great time for visitors of all ages.

2.  Bring a Camera.  There will be so many talented dogs and you will want to be sure to take a few snapshots of their skills!

3.  Visit the Vendors.  Make sure you take time to walk through the vendors and check out the available doggie merchandise.

4.  Check out the Food!  There will be lots of food and drink vendors, so take a tour!

5.  Explore.  In addition to the sheepdog trials, there are hay rides, kids activities,  tractor exhibits, and other demonstrations to partake in.

Kyle Busch Motorsports

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Kyle Busch Motorports is a 77,000 square foot race shop and corporate headquarters for Kyle Busch and the other Kyle Busch drivers.  The race shop is fully equipped and ready to handle race preparation for it’s fleet of Toyota Camry’s and Tundras.  The space is also used for executive meetings and gatherings with all of it’s partners.

What’s Inside

KBM started with Kyle’s first purchase of a Legends car in 2003 to provide a way for him to improve his driving skills.  Since then, KBM has filled a trophy case with the Legends car and late model hardware.  The Motorports team is now home to the No. 77 Toyota Camry in the Nascar Nationwide Series and the No. 18, No.51, and No. 54 Tundra’s in the Nascar Camping World Truck Series.  In addition, there is a 2,000 square foot retail store for visitors to check out and purchase some great Nascar memorabilia.

The motorsports facility is at the cornerstone of green initiatives filled with enough new technology to put it on the path be certified LEED.


Kyle Busch, Parker Kligerman, Joey Coulter, Erik Jones, Darrall Wallace Jr, Chad Hackenbracht, and Drew Herring are all the drivers that are part of the Kyle Busch Motorsports family.

Nascar Stock Car Drivers- Parker Kligerman

Nascar Truck Series- Joey Coulter, Erik Jones, Chad Hackenbracht, Drew Herring

*Drivers that participate in Stock Car & Truck Series- Kyle Busch, Darrell Wallace Jr.

Up and comer, Erik Jones, is a Truck series driver.  He is only 17, and will be one to keep an eye out for in the future!

Kyle Busch

With the philosophy, Win or go home, it’s no wonder Kyle Busch has been as successful on the race track as he has a business man.  He first started racing in 2001 and has made quite a name for himself since then.  He won Rookie of the Year in 2004 and in 2005 and the years following, he had more victories than you can count!

KBM Shop

There is Kyle Busch Motorsports merchandise available for purchase at the KBM shop!  Whether you are looking for a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, or model car, you can find it here.  These make great items to take home to remember your visit, and also make wonderful gifts!


1.  Take a Visit!  If you are a Nascar fan, this is a great place to go check out some of the behind the scenes action in the world of racing.

2.  Visit the Shop.  Be sure to stop into the store for some KBM merchandise to take home!

3.  Look Around!  You never know what race car drivers will be in each day.  You may just get to meet your favorite driver:)